Reflex Cinema is a film technology company founded by New York cinematographer Sebastian Barbera. Our job is to solve filmmakers’ most troublesome problems with truly novel inventions. This isn’t just about making a “better mousetrap,” or a cheaper matte box for that matter. We’re not interested in following others. We’re here to test ourselves against great technical challenges and innovate. Film is an art and an industry always at the technological frontier. Cinematic breakthroughs quickly manifest onto an epic canvas of millions of screens. Engineers give tools to artists, and artists give beauty to the world. Few businesses have such a compelling feedback loop.

Cinema is a distinctly American craft too. There is no place on earth untouched by Hollywood. But names like Sony and DJI have eclipsed Kodak and Panavision. How does the filmmaking capital of the world fall so far behind? By outsourcing manufacturing, American firms have outsourced half of the process of invention. Innovation doesn’t just move in one direction from the top down, from “paper” to product. Just as often inspiration moves from the bottom up. New means of fabrication become new concepts for products. There is a revolution in manufacturing happening right now that is poised to reshape everything. 3d-printing is bringing automation to astonishing new heights. It’s no longer about imitating the work of humans to create lots of little components on an assembly line. Now machines can form whole products in a single go, right out of thin air, using techniques humans simply cannot practice. The economy of the future will be green, automated and in-sourced. Reflex Cinema exists to be a vehicle for relentless invention. And In our own little way, perhaps we can help rejoin America’s broken ring of design and manufacturing.